Saturday, November 22, 2008

Razak Egoh's Wedding Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for Tan Sri Hamid Egoh's son's wedding. These were only the samples (in the proposal stage). Alhamdullillah, the groom's mum picked 5 of the designs. The cupcakes were individually packed in a box and PVC container just like in the pictures (for the wedding!).

Aliya, Athyra, & Mikhael Birthday Cake

We (my niece & me) made this surprise birthday cake for my daughters, Aliya and Athyra; and also my nephew, Mikhael. Besides from the cream-licking, the flowers and teddies are also the main target..... Glad that they enjoyed it!

Tea Time

Small roses made of buttercream for open house

Cupcakes for Wedding Hantaran

This cupcakes were specially made for wedding 'Hantaran'. Thanks Ary!!!! Bibi, congrats and thanks!

Simple Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes. Simple but sweet ;-)

Modern Wedding Cake

Modern Wedding Cake. To complete the flowers was very challenging......

Sophia's Birthday cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes - Something different

Cupcakes sample for wedding. Roses???..... Hmmmm... maybe something different....

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day gift ordered by Bank Simpanan Nasional

Asyura's Birthday cupcakes

Simple cupcakes for Asyura's 9th birthday

Asyura's Birthday cake

'Fat Butterfly' Birthday cake (Rich butter cake with buttercream). Made this for my bestfriend's daughter, Asyura.

Simple Birthday cake

Banana cake with buttercream

Aidil Adha Open house

Open house on Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Rich butter cupcakes and Moist chocolate cupcakes!


'I love U' cupcakes for engagement

Najib's Birthday cake

Birthday 'Present'.

MV Agusta

This was the biggest cake I've ever made. Comprises of 6 cakes and guess what..... it was about 13kg! It was a logo of a bike, 'MV Agusta'.

Baby Daniyal

Majlis Bergunting for baby Daniyal.

Boss's Birthday cake

Made this for my husband's uncle. Gift on his birthday..... yummy banana cake....

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hi to all cakes and cupcakes lovers....
We're based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and we are selling cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, celebrations, and etc.
We've been taking orders by phone calls and now got the courage to go on-line ;-)